Sunday, February 27, 2011


I first learned about this little girl, only eight days younger than my youngest, reading an article online about her mystery condition causing her to have such difficulty with growing. I felt instantly connected to Maggie and her family for so many reasons. I wondered if she might have mitochondrial disease, the condition that is believed to have caused Dominic and Bridget's deaths. I wondered if they were working with the same doctors we were, getting the same non-answers we were. And they were. I was so touched by Maggie and her struggles, I posted here asking you to reach out to her family and offer encouragement. I added the "Hope for Maggie" button to my sidebar.

It took about two years for Maggie Agnew to finally see a doctor out of state who specializes in Mitochondrial Disease, to perform a muscle biopsy that would show Maggie had Mitochondrial Disease. By this time, the disease had progressed significantly. Only seven and half months after that diagnosis, Maggie Agnew has died. Now I am asking you again to reach out to her family, and offer encouragement. Please keep the Agnew family in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time, and for the difficult days, weeks, months (and even years) ahead as they go through grief's journey.

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Jan's Blog said...

Plaid, I will of course go and offer support, but I'm wondering what kind of support you are needing right now. This mush refresh so many of your own grieving stressors. I love you and want you to know that the work you are doing will bless many lives and you should be so proud of yourself, and I am of you. I pray the healing you have been doing will not take any steps backwards, but understand that it would be completely understandable. Know that prayers are constantly being spoken and wispered in your name for your healing, and for succuss with your legal efforts.

Thanks for letting us know about this family that needs special prayers right now!